Sample Seismic Data - Mississippi



Photo of gastropod in core cut in Upper Smackover, Baldwin County, Alabama



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3D and 2D Seismic Data Examples

Interested in learning about the subsurface geology of Mississippi?  Studying 3D and 2D seismic data can provide a wealth of information about the subsurface geology in an area of interest.  Our thanks to Seismic Exchange for providing the sample 3D and 2D lines shown on the map and listed below.  Click on the corresponding link to view the seismic line.  Copyright 2017 MGS.  All rights reserved.

Map Showing Location of Seismic Data (3D Data - Black Squares, 2D Data - Dark Blue Circles; Numbered for Reference)

3D 3D Seismic Data - Sample Lines (Black Squares)
1 3D Dipline, Hancock County (Wiggins Arch / Hancock Arch)
2 3D Dipline, So. Wayne County (Smackover / Norphlet Trend)
3 3D Dipline, Wayne County (Smackover / Norphlet Trend)
4 3D Dipline, Jones County (Eutaw / LT / Cotton Valley Trend)
5 3D Dipline, No. Wayne County (Smackover / Norphlet Trend)
6 3D Dipline, So. Clarke County (Smackover / Norphlet Trend)
7 3D Dipline, Jasper County (Eutaw / Cotton Valley Trend)
8 3D Dipline, Hinds County (Eutaw / Lower Tuscaloosa Trend)
9 3D Crossline, Yazoo County (Chalk / Eutaw / CV Trend)
2D 2D Seismic Data - Sample Lines (Dark Blue Circles)
1 2D Dipline, SW Mississippi (Lower Tuscaloosa Trend)
2 2D Diplines, Interior Salt Basin (2 Lines - 2 Salt Domes)
3 2D Dipline, North Flank Jackson Dome
4 2D Dipline, Black Warrior Basin
5 2D Dipline, SE Mississippi (Smackover / Norphlet Trend)


Core slab photograph of the pelecypod-rich "A" interval of the Lower Smackover Brown Dense Lime (South Arkansas)


Eolian cross-bedding seen in a diamond core slab taken from an 800' thick Norphlet "seif" (linear) dune in Southeast Mississippi.