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The Society regrets to inform everyone that our Comment Form (normally shown here) has recently become the target of spam web bots that are automatically and constantly filling out the Form with gibberish, lewd language, and links to questionable sites and ads.

Consequently, we have removed the Form from our site until we've redesigned a more robust Comment Form that will reject these spam attacks and cease the incessant clogging of our e-mail box.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this interim period.  Please e-mail a Director or contact a Committee Chairman directly with any comments, questions, or other correspondence.


Steve Walkinshaw,

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 We're always looking for a good Noon Speaker.
Got a good presentation? Maybe you just attended a great talk or lecture. We'd like to hear from you! Please contact any of our officers or MGS committee chairmen and tell us more about it. The Society is always looking for good Speakers to give technical presentations at its Monthly Noon Luncheons. In most instances, we can help defray some or all of the travel costs incurred in coming to Jackson for the presentation. Thanks!


Portion (right half) of a diamond core cut through a crevasse splay deposit in the Lower Tuscaloosa "A" Sand, Smithdale Field area, Southwest Mississippi. Note the "flotsam" - bits of wood and carbonaceous material - that settled to the bottom of the quiet water within the splay. Some oil staining is also evident (middle).